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The Goats are Growing on me.

I don’t want to jinx myself or anything buuuttt… I think we may be starting to get a handle just a little bit on this whole goat thing. That is at least until sometime in February when we embark on a new experience of birthing babies on the farm. I mean, I’ve birthed a baby here before. But the animals have not. Unless you count kittens. Which we did nothing for. So no, they don’t count. But I digress.

I think we are getting the hang of it because our fence in the goat field has been re-inforced time and time again and I dare say we found all the holes! At least until the goats get super bored and create a hole just for the heck of it.

We are also debating moving them to a different field this winter.  So I’m sure we will have to start the whole process over again.

But for now, I think we got it! Not having to catch rogue goats in the yard or garden every other day makes them really quite pleasant.

I also have figured out how to use them effectively for brush.  We struggled for a while with tethers and getting tangled and securing the tether.  But I think we just over complicated it.  I used some rope around a tree and a collar to tether them not more than eight feet from my tender green cabbage starts. And although I was on edge until the next morning, it worked perfectly! All cabbage in tact.  And now the area in the garden by the cistern is poison ivy free! At least until next year

A few days later I tethered them along the front fence line. Which took a group of five people about three hours to clear last fall. The goats however, worked their way up the fence line over a course of five days or so and it took me about two hours total by myself to cut down barren limbs and haul off all the vines and twigs they left behind. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Stewart_Settlement_Goat_love-5Stewart_Settlement_Goat_love-8Stewart_Settlement_Goat_love-7I think getting Stanley (our new papa goat) really helped the demeanor of the other two ladies. Without getting too much into the ehem, birds and the bees discussion, its hard to deny companionship when you see it play out in front of ya in nature.

Moral of the story is although we had a rough start, the goats have found an even bigger place in my heart. And are FINALLY starting to prove their worth around here.

I can’t wait until the spring when that worth is quadrupelled in the form of delicious milk and cheese! Ohhhhh that will be the day!


Oh And stay tuned! We have some new farm critters I am dying to introduce you to!!!  Hopefully I will get that up here in the next few days.  Happy Friday y’all!!!

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