The Stewart’s Went to Glacier

Do you know where Glacier National Park is?  Well, let me just tell you that it is very far away from here.  Especially if you are traveling with a kid.  We got about 6-8 hours of driving in per day.  Depending on how long Dottie would let us drive.  So it took us a grand total of 5 days to reach our destination.  We spent three days at Glacier in Northwest Montana and then headed home by way of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  It was quite an adventure.  And I loved every minute of it.  Even the not so glamorous moments.  We stayed in some Airbnb’s along to the way to break up all of the camping set up.  Oh man both of our stays were great.  If you’ve never used or heard of airbnb do yourself a favor and check it out and next time you travel book a place!  We also broke up the trip by hitting as many highlights along the way as we could.  After all, “Getting there is half the fun”.  That’s a quote right?  It sounds like it is.


Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-163Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-168Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-173Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-181Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-184Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-191Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-197Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-196Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-204Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-216Stewarts_go_to_Glacier-211StewartsGoToGlacier-747StewartsGoToGlacier-762StewartsGoToGlacier-772StewartsGoToGlacier-824StewartsGoToGlacier-790StewartsGoToGlacier-800StewartsGoToGlacier-843StewartsGoToGlacier-857StewartsGoToGlacier-874StewartsGoToGlacier-882StewartsGoToGlacier-884StewartsGoToGlacier-909StewartsGoToGlacier-920StewartsGoToGlacier-935StewartsGoToGlacier-939StewartsGoToGlacier-960StewartsGoToGlacier-964StewartsGoToGlacier-966StewartsGoToGlacier-983StewartsGoToGlacier-999StewartsGoToGlacier-1004StewartsGoToGlacier-1029StewartsGoToGlacier-1027StewartsGoToGlacier-1021StewartsGoToGlacier-1031StewartsGoToGlacier-1040We really tried to take our time, not make plans, and just enjoy the ride.  We stopped for lunch at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City.  Then we stayed at a Tiny house from airbnb in Omaha, went to the badlands, saw Mount Rushmore, got lost, saw Devil’s Tower, drove through a lot of boring ole South Dakota and eastern Wyoming, stayed in a yurt with a great view of Yellowstone, camped/hiked/hung out in Glacier for three days, went to a Hot Spring, Explored Yellowstone, Drove through the Grand Tetons, made a pit stop to see a friend in Denver, and made the boring trek home through Kansas.

Devil’s Tower was such a pleasant surprise.  It wasn’t originally on our route but I am so glad we took the detour.  The tower is made out of magma which explains the columns on it.  But I like the native story better.  Some sister’s and their brother were playing and spirits came down from the sky and turned the brother into a bear.  The sister’s prayed to their ancestors to save them from the bear so the tree they climbed started to rise into the sky.  The bear kept clawing the trunk of the tree trying to get up it.  Then the sister’s spirits went up into the sky.  Ya, kind of strange.  A much better explanation than boring ole magma right?

Glacier was the most magical place I have ever seen.  And it was cloudy, rainy, and gloomy the whole time we were there.  I can’t even imagine what that place looks like on a sunny day in the summer!  We had just missed the summer season by a week or so and it was still so busy! We did a couple hikes and drove around a lot and we still didn’t get to do or see everything the park had to offer.  Man I could have explored for weeks!  Dottie got a cold because of the weather and tent camping in 40 degree weather wasn’t helping her out much so we left a day early.  A storm was rolling in so I’m sure we made the right choice.

It also gave us an extra day to explore Yellowstone.  Which was a lot more “touristy” than Glacier, but still sooooooo beautiful.  Its crazy how the landscape changes though, even within the same mountain range.

Boy oh boy was it an exhausting trip.  Not exactly a “relaxing” vacation because of all of the driving, and camping set up and tear down and all that jazz.  But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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    Looks like you guys had a great time! I love all of the photos.

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