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The Cast of Characters

Since I am going to be talking about all the furry and feathered friends around here I thought first, I should introduce you.  So now without further ado… The gang here at The Stewart Settlement.

stewart_settlement_Dottie_Bea_9_Months-17This is Dottie.  But you probably already knew that. Duh.  She’s not furry or feathered but important to the Stewart Settlement none the less.  She is single-handedly the biggest free loader we have here on The Stewart Settlement.  And if you ever read a post and think “sheesh, why don’t they get more done?” You can bet she’s the answer why.

IMG_7807Nanna was our first child.  We got her shortly after being married and I still think she’s adjusting to sharing attention.  Poor girl.  She’s good for nothing around the farm.  English bulldogs are notorious for overheating so even though she wants to be a farm dog, we have to keep this little lady inside as much as possible.

Stewart_Settlement_In_July-17Oh Bella.  In all of her glory.  She is a great Pyrenees and came to us shortly after the great chicken massacre.  She has been wonderful.  Keeping watch over babies and animals alike through the day and night.  I’d say she has been our best investment so far on the farm but a friend of a friend needed a new home for her so she really wasn’t an investment at all.  Just a God thing I suppose. Side note: See that giant pile of weeds in the background?!?  All day, every day.

Stewart_Settlement_In_July-28This is the other farming freeloader we keep around.  He goes by many names… White-y, Dub-ya, and more recently we have settled on Hiesenberg.  Any Breaking Bad fans out there? I hope you get the reference.  We got a cat in hopes he would keep the mice out of the barn.  But I think he was too spoiled at his previous house so by the time he got to us he just laid around and waited for food.  What a lazy bum.  However, having him around has made us aware of the other two cats living on our property who also eat the cat food.  But I’m fairly confident those two cats ACTUALLY take care of the mice.  So it works out.

Stewart_Settlement_In_July-26And then there were eight.  Well, really only five.  We have five hens right now.  The barred rock you see in the back is a rooster and we are going to keep him around to take care of the ladies.  There are two other black chickens who are roosters that won’t be quite so lucky.  And it’s just about time for them to meet their maker.  Sorry I didn’t put that more gently.  We really do respect our animals and their sacrifice but in all honesty chicken tastes gooooood.  So this year we will keep it simple until we really feel confident we have the place secure enough to bring on more.

stewart_settlement_goats_farm_plants_-7These are the wonderful, pesky, mischievous goats.Stewart_Settlement_In_July-25

Damnit, Janet! I’ve caught myself saying that sooooo many times. But in the last few weeks she’s really started to mature and isn’t quite as skittish.  She’s a lot more tolerable when she lets you pet her.  But she better not start mistaking my affection for approval of her escape artist antics.


This is mama goat Edna.  She is seriously the sweetest.  I also feel a certain affection for her because we seem to be in similar points in life.  A crazy kid always tugging on us.  Wanting to nurse when we just aren’t having it.  Oh Edna, you get me.

The goats are pretty much our limb trimmers right now.  Getting them to be productive around here has been a slow process but I feel like we are finally starting to understand each other and that’s helping us work together.

stewart_settlement_105_trees-9This guy is Blake. I’ve mentioned him a few times.  And if you’re thinking “Who in the heck is Blake” don’t worry, its kind of random.  Ha.  Blake is Dustin and mine’s friend from early in our college years.  Since moving back to Springfield we’ve gotten a lot closer.  He’s quite the world traveler and this summer he asked if he could pitch a tent in the back of our property.  To which we replied, “just move in dummy!”. Except I don’t think anyone called him a dummy.  So in exchange for rent he’s helping out a lot around here.  And I do mean A LOT! Seriously.  Blake has been a life saver.  And Dottie is quite fond of her roommate, too.Stewart_Settlement_In_July-15And that sexy man in the overalls is my farmer.  This is the most he would stand still or even “look” toward the camera.  But he’s my better half.  Truly.  I’m so excited to build on our family and our little hobby farm.

So that’s the whole gang! Now when I talk about everyone it’ll be like you know them too!  Sort of.

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  • Reply Kate July 16, 2015 at 7:13 am

    All of your animals and humans are beautiful! I hope to meet them the animals someday soon and I’d love to see your farm.

    • Reply dottiesmom July 16, 2015 at 11:53 am

      Ooooohh we’d love to have you over!!! I’ll look at the calendar and get back with ya. 🙂

  • Reply grammy July 16, 2015 at 10:49 am

    What a spectacular cast of characters! I have met them all and I can see why you are so proud of each and every one of them. It is a beautiful thing, what you kids have there. I’m looking forward to my next visit. Warn Blake that he may have to give up his room!

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