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Thank you just isn’t enough

Well friends, it is with great pleasure that the aimless wandering of the Stewart Settlement will soon come to a close.  We bought a farm!  We are still in negotiations and everything but should close toward the beginning of April.  So please keep us in your prayers that everything will go smoothly and we will be getting all settled in this time next month.

Now that you know the exciting news, let me walk you through the mental process that has been the last two months for Dustin and I…

We weren’t just looking for a house, we were looking for a home.  We were looking for someplace to raise our babies.  Both quite soon and literally.  (I’m planning on having a home birth and my due date is May 1st)  We were looking for a place to start fresh, to call our own, to begin something big.  We were looking for a place to bring not just us, but all of our farm critters also.  A place to bring in foster children and start a ministry we feel deeply called to.  A place that Dustin’s mom could move to and comfortably call home (she is currently in Dallas and we can’t wait for her to get her butt up here!)  A place to start our little farmstead adventure in a more sustainable way.  Sure growing my own food is fun, but it ain’t cheap folks.  We were looking for a place to not only feed ourselves, but provide supplemental income in order to have the time and money to do it.

I started to feel that maybe our list of requirements was too long.  As the weeks went by without finding any potential home, I started to think we were just expecting too much and that life wouldn’t provide us with all of those things.  And that the family foundations and identity we built at our last place would have to be rebuilt and we would have to start all over again physical, emotionally, and mentally.

image1But God is so good and no matter how much the odds were stacked against us to find that perfect place, God kept a strange comfort, peace, and patience about the whole situation.  I mean, sure, Dustin and I have both had our weak moments (especially me lately, get a grip hormones!) But overall we have both been content to stay put and wait patiently for God to show us the earthly place he has prepared for us.  And boy did he deliver!  And to think, if He can provide my hearts desires here on earth, just imagine the home He has built for me for all of eternity! Its wild to think about.  And good grief does he sure love us and dote over us.

He has truly been nudging us along ever since our house burnt.  Most of the places we have looked at just didn’t feel right.  There were two different properties that Dustin and I really liked and started to get dreamy eyed about.  And you know what? Within 24 hours of us looking at those properties someone else had put a contract on them.  Its like God was just putting the hammer down to be clear that those were not the places he had for us.  We read ya God, loud and clear.  Keep looking.

So we did.  But because of our disappointment in other places we were guarding our hearts and trying not to get too excited about anything else.

And then, we found her.  Our little tiny 60’s ranch style house sitting on a ridiculously beautiful 49 acre farm.  And even though we were still trying not to get our hopes up, we knew.  His voice was pretty clear.  And this was our home.  We are unsure right now whether or not we can financially justify keeping all 49 acres.  But even if we have to sell off a little bit to make it work we will still be left with more than we ever imagined we would have!

We have held off on buying household items until we knew where we would be living and I’m so glad we did because this place does not have a lot of extra room.   Dustin and I have talked a lot about using this opportunity to use what is necessary and forget the rest.  We want to live simply and not just talk about it.  But now that means that we have one month to plan, budget, and accumulate all of the necessities for our new home.The task is both exciting and overwhelming.  Especially for a 34 week pregnant mama who wants to start nesting.  So continue to keep us in your prayers that the closing of the house would go smoothly and that the process of moving in and acquiring what we need would be both quick and stress free.

I should also mention that being patient in this whole process has been a lot easier to handle when you have the support system that we do.  Especially my parents.  Living with someone else is not easy my friends.  No matter how good of a relationship you have with them.  Dustin and I get a long so well with my mom and dad.  And I think they genuinely enjoy having us here (if not, mom, don’t tell me).  But this time with them has been so precious and I think we have all viewed it as something special and a time that we will look back on someday instead of a time to regret or dwell on the negatives.  We are relishing in our evening dinners sitting around the table laughing at Dottie shovel her food in.  Or that special time in the evenings when she crawls up in her Pop’s lap and shares his popcorn.  I will never forget these months spent together.  But everything has its time and soon it will be time for us to leave and I think we are all glad for that day.  But there are some aspects of being here that I’ll miss.  And I am truly grateful to my family for such an amazing season in our lives.

And to the rest of our support system (if you’re reading this that includes you), thank you thank you thank you.  Sincerely, truly, from the bottom of our hearts.  We can not express our gratitude enough.  For everything you did both big and small, seen and unseen.  We felt it.  And we love you for it.  And will continue to love you for it as we embark on our new adventure.

DottieStewartOneYear_142Thank you, Thank you.

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  • Reply Natalie (formerly Waymack) March 13, 2016 at 8:04 am

    I hope you’ll register for your household necessities and let your village love you in that way. Many, mostly strangers, have asked me what they can do to love you in this time. Will you let us buy your simple necessities? Target will ship to your new door step. I hope you’ll consider. XOXO

  • Reply Christy Sawyer March 13, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Great idea, Natalie. We are so happy for you! Thanks for sharing the good news and we will be praying for your closing, finances, energy, courage and strength.

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