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Tales from the Farm Part 1

Between working, raising two kiddos, starting up Dustin’s small business of woodworking, starting up a Springfield wedding venue business, structuring a new homestead for our needs, raising as much of our food as we can, renovating our home, hosting a small group, being involved with our church, extended family, and friends, there just hasn’t been a lot of time (read energy) to give you guys the updates you deserve.

So today I want to share with you a little tale about last summer.  Someday I would like to look back at this to remember the beginnings, remember the struggles, and ultimately, laugh.  But today is not that day.  Its been almost 8 months and it still seems all too fresh.  But I digress.  Let me begin my tale…

We had just returned from our final planned road trip for the summer and I was finally starting to feel like we were coming out of the survival mode that seemed to be our state of life for the first six months after the fire.  And then… the storm hit.  Yes, a literal summer storm, but also a metaphorical storm.

We lost four of our sheep due to a predator in one night.  We never saw or heard it.  Just found four dead lambs in the pasture. Two more sheep had pretty bad wounds and we tried our best to nurse them back to health but lost them in the end. I repeat, six sheep total in one night.

That’s a pretty hard pill to swallow.  Especially when it involved flinging maggots all over my body when trying to spray them out of the wounds. Seriously.  It may have made me re-think all of my life’s decisions.  And if you think that sounds like we didn’t take care of our animals well or soon enough, I can assure you the amount of time it takes for a fly to complete its life cycle is something from my nightmares.

During that week we also lost a cat. We had another bad storm knock down a lot of our veggie plants, I accidentally put my cell phone in the washing machine (which did not recover), and I broke our chemex coffee pot And let me tell ya in a time of crisis, skipping the morning cup of dark nectar is not an option.  Oh and last but not least, the icing on the cake…

Ladies and gentlemen let me tell you about Abraham.  The beautiful big ram that Dustin and I decided to purchase.  All the other rams we found for sale are twice what we paid for him.  What a bargain! We aren’t a registered farm and we don’t sell meat to consumers so all of our animals aren’t what you would say “show quality”.  But this boy, even though he is unregistered, is a sight to behold.

So Dustin brought him home and we swung the gate open to let him just hop on out into the field to greet his new ladies and wouldn’t you know it, he got scared.  Duh, an animal being introduced to an area he has never seen after an hour and a half truck ride.  Shocking!

So what did he do you ask?  He ran.  At lightening speed.  And he ran straight for the road (we live on a pretty busy highway).  The speeding cars only aided in his sheer terror so Dustin followed him about a 1/4 mile down the road when he decided to turn in a driveway, go up the field, and run into 8 foot tall brush only to disappear from our sight and sound.  We searched and searched and knocked on all the neighbors doors and left our phone number, well Dustin’s because if you recall, I had destroyed my phone.

And then… tired, covered in ticks, chiggers, possibly poison ivy, and completely defeated, we headed home.  And the rest of the evening was very somber and filled with what ifs.  I kept waking up in the  middle of the night thinking of what we could do to find him/catch him.

But all of this horrendous back story and tale of my woes to bring you to the light.

You see, amidst all of that turmoil I chose to celebrate life with the best husband I could ever ask for and celebrate the two beautiful children and the life that we had built from that.  I chose to celebrate that I get to live a life where livestock is actually a part of my daily routine.  I celebrate this home and the food on my table which I actually got to grow myself.

Yes, sometimes I feel that I have been cursed with a bit of perpetual bad luck but you know what?!? My life is good dammit!  It is so rich and full and dare I say hashtag “blessed”. Whether we find a rogue sheep or not.


And after I chose to be in that place of gratitude and thankfulness do you know what happened?  Two days later we not only found Abraham,  but he was conveniently laying in a driveway that was fenced on both sides and in the back which created a nice little funnel for us to catch him in.  We slowly walked him to the end of the driveway and then he tried to jump through the fence to get away from us and he got stuck in the fence and briars.  Easy peasy.  He’s now back on the farm, we got to know our neighbors, and he’s the proud papa of a few little lambs we have running around here.

Guys, this is a metaphor.  Just because life throws you a curve ball doesn’t mean it’s a sign you’re doing things wrong.  Some of us just seem to encounter more curve balls than others. But stay true to yourself and seek the path that God has for you regardless of the obstacles.  And count it all joy my friend!  You never know when he will use a literal metaphor of a ram caught in a thicket to provide for you.

Oh no? I think that one is just me.  But you know, look for the metaphorical ram caught in a bush in your life.

Happy Friday my friends.


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  • Reply Dinah March 31, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    I very much needed your little tale, Lacy. It would make a great picture book, by the way. Thank you for sharing. I’ll keep watching for my metaphorical ram.

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