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Strawberries for days

Well its the time of year when strawberry production winds down and some maintenance takes place.  We have a few first year berry plants but they won’t really produce until the second year.  Oh and they wouldn’t have done anything anyway because the goats munched them off earlier this spring.  Oh how could I have forgotten that?!?


But they came back! Those goats were no match for their strawberry resilience.  So this time next year I will be revelling in my spoils from the berry harvest.  Until then I will tend to my little patch.  Some of the plants have already sent out a few runners! Those are basically little baby plants attached to the main plant by a thin vine until they take root themselves.

Besides weeding, another thing on the strawberry to do list is plant more! In the future this will mean digging up those runners and planting them elsewhere for more space.  But since my guys are so young I have begged my aunt to give me some of hers.  Now that they are done producing she thinned out the runners to give her plants more room and those runners have taken up residency in my garden to grow and blossom for next year.

stewart_settlement_Strawberries_For_Days-18Since we couldn’t grow them ourselves this year we took a trip to Miller’s Berry Farm in Marshfield for a fun little morning to pick our own. Forty pounds later Dustin and I had enough for me, my mom, and my sister to make some jam. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  There was also plenty to freeze for smoothies, dehydrate, make a dessert, and snack like crazy for a few days.

Dottie has ate a TON! If I give her a strawberry she won’t eat anything else on her pate.  And she is not a picky eater.  That girl knows the good stuff.

Miller’s was such a fun little trip.  I hope to make memories with my kids for years to come picking berries. Even if they hate it at the time.  They will thank me later.

stewart_settlement_Strawberries_For_Days-27Are you ready for the super secret Strawberry jam recipe?

Its the one in the sure-jel carton.  I know what you are thinking, that sounds super detailed and hard to duplicate.  I’m sure that was a big let down for you.  But hey, if it ain’t broke…

Actually the only tip is that for strawberry jam it is WAY better to do the freezer jam.  First of all it is way easier and second of all cold chunky jam on a nice warm piece of sourdough is… ugh, I die. Thanks granny for showing me the way.  She’s the one that started my love affair with strawberry freezer jam.  It may have something to do with the fact that she makes homemade potato rolls that take two days to make and they are magic!


I don’t have a lot of freezer space though so I froze a few jars and put the rest in jars and did a hot water bath to seal them.  Once I open them up I will freeze them though.

stewart_settlement_Strawberries_For_Days-17I wanted to be a little adventurous and put a few dashes of cinnamon in half the batch and in the other half a little fresh basil.  It seemed like the right idea.  But when you make jam at 10 pm things slip your mind so I forgot all about it. I may add some to a jar before I put it in the freezer. If I do I’ll let you know how it turns out.

stewart_settlement_Strawberries_For_Days-31Hope you liked reading about strawberries.  I gotta go stuff my face with a nice warm piece of toast and jam now.  Catch ya later.

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  • Reply Kate June 15, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    This looks like fun! My mom grew tons of strawberries and sand plums every year and made the most delicious jams with them. I’ve never had freezer jam before, it sounds interesting!

    • Reply dottiesmom June 15, 2015 at 7:33 pm

      its soooo good. and since its frozen it doesn’t get quite as runny and sticky. perrrfect!

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