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It takes a village

So as you may have heard… the Stewart Settlement house burnt down.

But you guys, I LOVE my community. Each and every one of you.  And by that I mean this online community, my church community, my friends and acquaintances in Springfield, friends and acquaintances in St. Charles where we used to live, those in Marshfield where I grew up, those in Texas where Dustin grew up, those that we went to college with, or those that live in community with a random friend or family member of ours.

Everyone. is. awesome.

The past (almost) three weeks have been such an incredibly real picture of the concept of “tag three people and they will tag three people” thing.   You know, that ole cheesy Facebook reference. But you guys. It has happened. In real life. Not just on a screen where people mindlessly click the “like” button.  But in reality, with physical contact and verbal conversations.

We have received texts, emails, letters, packages, checks, gifts, clothes, toys, meals, words of encouragement, prayers, hugs, and handshakes.  And a lot of those are from people I have never met before.  It has been so incredible to see the different communities that Dustin and I have been involved in all come together.

As the saying goes, it really does take a village.  And not just to raise a kid.  But to truly live a life that matters. Sharing your life with others on a daily basis.  Doing something intentional with the precious time we have here on earth.  That’s what its all about my friends.  And seeing how much you all have poured out the love on us really puts that into perspective.

I mean, my cloth diaper supply is crazy stocked and most of them came from people I don’t even know.  That’s incredible! And if you guys that sent said diapers are reading this… much love.  Seriously.  You don’t even know me! And yet you simply helped.  You became a part of my community and you are never getting out.  Never!

I just keep relating it all to the gospel and the word becoming flesh.  You guys are seriously killing it with your servant’s heart’s.  I feel like I’ve been chosen to look through God’s glasses for the day and see just how his love can create a movement and can pour out on little ole me even when  I really don’t deserve it.  And guys, we will never deserve it.  But he just keeps finding ways to pour it on even more.  And if you have reached out to us and don’t believe in God, well my friend, it doesn’t matter.  You’re actions show a selfless love that I can not explain or justify other than the love of God flowing through you.

So if the next time we talk you mention wanting to be a hermit or live on a deserted island all alone, you will have to forgive me for the passionate, almost frightening way that I quickly try to steer you back to the land of the living.  The one with community, friendship, and love.

Because without it… what’s this all about anyway?

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  • Reply Bill Walker January 15, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    I pray that the Lord will provide for you and your family what you need.

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