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In the Garden:: July

Well I thought I would give ya a little garden update so you could see what’s going on this time of year here at the Stewart Settlement.

Stewart_Settlement_In_July-27Dustin worked so hard to build us a second chicken coop.  And then we had another break in so we are down to eight chickens.  We put them all in the same, more secure coop so hopefully we won’t have any more mishaps.  Still trying to decide if it’s worth the head and heart ache to get some more chickies.


Stewart_Settlement_In_July-10We’ve got zinnias out the wazoo right now.  If ya need some fresh flowers you know who to call.  There has been sooooo many bees buzzing around these guys.  I’m so glad we planted them all.  Helping the garden AND my mental health!  You can pretty much count on some fresh flowers in my house at all times right now. It’s glorious.



Dustin really has been building away.  He and Blake have fixing stuff here and there.  The goat playground that was here when we moved in was built by a hobbit.  One of the legs was a stump.  So we er, they, moved it over to the goat pen and fixed a few things to make it functional.  Dustin said he is embarrassed to be associated with building that thing.  Ha, it is definitely on the less impressive side.  I wouldn’t let my child play on it that’s for sure.  But he did a great job using what we had and not wasting a bunch of time on it.  I call that farm efficiency.

Stewart_Settlement_In_July-3Stewart_Settlement_In_July-29Stewart_Settlement_In_July-2Unless you live under a rock, you are probably in or have heard of the midwest monsoon that has affected this area for a month now.  We don’t have a well.  Just a water catchment system so we have set up a few extra water tanks around the garden so that we can take advantage of as much of the rain as possible.  Yesterday we had another big storm.  ALL of our tanks were already full.  And watching all of the rain pour out of our gutter was a bittersweet moment.  Thankful for the full water tanks.  Soooo depressing to see how much MORE water we could have had if we knew where to put it.  Gotta work on that.  Just putting it on the end of a mile long to do list. NBD.

Along with colossal amounts of rain comes colossal amounts of weeding.  A never ending saga.  As soon as I feel up to speed with the weeding its time to start all over again.  The straw has helped though.

And now I will leave you with some farm critters.


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  • Reply Grammy July 10, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    The plant and animal pics are fabulous! Glad to see you haven’t eaten those pesky goats yet. Keep up the good work! Love you guys.

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