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Guess whaaaaattt?!?

My sister in law is really good at photography.  Like, way good.  She took these pictures for Dottie’s one year session.  But we also wanted some lifestyle pictures of the good ‘ole Stewart Settlement.  And man oh man did she deliver.  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our life.  And if you ever need a great photographer check out her website Katie Day Photo.

I will cherish these pictures forever and ever! Not only does it signify a milestone in Dottie’s life, but also in our families life.  We have been at this homesteading thing just a little over a year and I am so happy we have these memories to look back on and see how things have grown.

And I’m also excited because we get to do the whole “photo shoot” thing again real soon for a newborn session next spring!!! Sometime around May 1st to be exact.  That Dottie is just so cute.  But she’s gonna have to learn to share the spotlight before she knows it!

So to sum it up, my baby is one, we’ve lived on a “farm” for a little over a year, and my baby is no longer the baby because we are having a new baby and we are so excited about it!  Follow all of that?  Good.

One last shout out to the miracle worker/photographer/best sis-law a girl could ask for… Katie Day folks.  She’s the real deal.

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