Dottie’s First Birthday Party

I’ve been a mom for a year! Crazy.  This little girl is getting so big! I feel like she catches on to something new every day.  We had a little party for her at the ole settlement.  Dustin’s family all lives in Texas but his mom and cousin drove all the way up from Dallas to be here.  Man, they sure do love Dottie.  It was so good to see them and get to spend the whole weekend together.  I may have abused them a little bit though for their party prep help.

So you can basically assume they are responsible for all of the cuteness you see in the pictures.

Dottie_is_One-1 Dottie_is_One-2 Dottie_is_One-3 Dottie_is_One-4 Dottie_is_One-6 Dottie_is_One-7 Dottie_is_One-18 Dottie_is_One-27Yep.  The Stewart’s at their finest.
Dottie_is_One-28 Dottie_is_One-29 Dottie_is_One-31 Dottie_is_One-32 Dottie_is_One-33 Dottie_is_One-34 Dottie_is_One-53 Dottie_is_One-58 Dottie_is_One-60 Dottie_is_One-64 Dottie_is_One-65 Dottie_is_One-70 The harsh reality of eating birthday cake with your hands.  It ain’t all pretty folks.Dottie_is_One-71 Dottie_is_One-77 Dottie and her cousin Nora are 5 weeks apart.  Basically they will be best friends forever.  They even have their own hashtag.  #DottieandnoraDottie_is_One-94 Dottie_is_One-95 Dottie_is_One-97 Dottie_is_One-99Thank you to all the friends and family who helped us celebrate our little one.  She is our pride and joy and we feel so blessed to get to share her with you all a little bit.

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