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Dottie Bea Stewart ::: A birth Story. The Prequel

I recently realized that even though I shared Dottie’s birth story with several people, I had yet to write it all down.  So I thought this was as good of a place as any to document it.  There are a hundred tiny details I want to hang onto forever and ever.  Hopefully I can pull them out of the depths of my memory now before they are buried too deep. It was over nine months ago though.  Yes you read that right, nine months.  Geeze time flies.

I can’t really tell you my birth story without telling you a little back story so bare with me for a while and I will get to the good stuff in the next post.


I know its abnormal and some women might roll there eyes at this… but I LOVED pregnancy.  And I was good at it. Humble much?

So being patient and relatively stress free before my little one arrived came pretty easy.  Not to say that there wasn’t other stress in my life.  My job was at an all time high in the stress department, and we decided to move while I was 37 weeks pregnant, and my baby girl was sitting comfortably in a breech position the last few months of pregnancy.  But the actual stress and anxiety of labor, nope, no stress.  I was excited about it.  But patient.  Soaking up every last kick and squirm I could feel while she was still in there.

Because she was breech her little head frequently poked out from under my right rib cage.  It definitely was not the most symmetrical baby bump.   But I remember patting her little head or I would just cup it in my hand.  Sounds a bit freaky but I absolutely adored it.


So after weeks of trying every trick in the book, consulting Spinning Babies , and several chiropractor appointments to get this kid to flip, we went to the doctor.  I guess I should mention that from the get go we used a midwife. ha.  That’s kind of important.

Just for the record though, I think doctors and modern medicine are wonderful when needed and I absolutely do NOT think any less of a women for choosing a hospital birth.  Bringing life into this world is absolutely the hardest most wonderful thing I have ever done and the way I chose to do it fit perfectly with my personality, my health, and my baby.  So I think each and every women should choose to do what fits their personality, health, and baby.

With that being said… this is my little soap box for natural child birth and homebirths.  Women have been having babies without hospitals, drugs, or doctors for what I consider quite some time now.  Its the way God intended it.  Beautiful, raw, emotional, and thanks to Eve, PAINFUL.  Having Dottie is my greatest accomplishment in life.  But the act of having the natural childbirth will forever be second.  That is besides my future children of course.  If mama and baby are happy and healthy I see no need to intervene what God has designed the both of you to do.  If you want to know more about my thoughts on the subject please let me know! I am a passionate open book about what little knowledge I have on the subjects of home birth, midwives, and natural child birth.


Okay back on track… Because we had a midwife, ultrasounds were optional and we chose not to have one.  Like, at all.  Until 37 weeks when we had to address the breech situation. We had a few required ultrasounds to see baby’s position and everything but ultimately we went through the whole hospital/ultrasound shibang.  The doctor wanted to perform a version (Where he physically turns the baby into a head down position by pushes and applying pressure from the outside of my stomach) and to do so hospital policy required first time moms to be admitted into labor and delivery just in case the version sent me into early labor.  So I owned that flattering white gown, hopped into a bed, strapped on a heart monitor for me and baby and waited…

And waited.

Eventually the doctor came in, administered some muscle relaxer, started pushing on my belly and about 30 seconds later my baby was head down just as nature intended.  Dustin said it looked like a little alien was trying to come out the side of my stomach! Success for these procedure only carries about a 30% chance in first time moms.  If it didn’t work we would have been required to schedule a c-section.  I called around.  No one in town would touch a breech birth vaginally.  So my husband and I were thanking God the version was successful and praying that she wouldn’t decide to change her mind and flip back.



That was on a Tuesday. The following Monday was my due date and I really was doing good at being patient, enjoying the last few days of pregnancy, and letting her (or him at this point) take his/her time entering the world.  So Monday night (on my due date) Dustin and I went out for pasta and took a walk.  I remember telling him during our walk that the baby couldn’t possibly get any lower without me walking like a sumo wrestler.  We went home and started watching a bad movie in bed.  It was seriously bad.  A comedy shouldn’t take an hour to make you laugh.  But alas, an hour into the movie I laughed for the first time and when I did I felt something gush out a little.  I ran to the bathroom to check and sure enough water was slowly leaking out. And then I shifted my weight a little bit and lets just say it was more than a leak.  I stood in the shower to try not to make a mess and I yelled for Dustin to come in there.  I said, “So I’m pretty sure my water just broke”.


And that’s how it all started.  Stay tuned for more of the story.

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    Beautifully written and I already want to cry!

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