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Dottie Bea Stewart ::: A Birth Story. Part I

So last time I left you I was standing in the shower telling my husband that my water broke.

Ha! That’s the best opening line ever.

We called some of our dear friends who had agreed to watch our dog baby nanna for a few days while we adjusted to parenthood. We also called the midwife to keep her informed and she said to just get some rest and that I may not actually go into labor for a day or two. Our friends then came over and we talked for a good 20 minutes like it was no big deal.  They took our pup for a few days of r&r and Dustin and I decided to finish our movie. After all, it could be days before anything happened.

About 10 minutes later I said “I think I just had a contraction.  It was just like a period cramp.”  And thats how they aaaallll started.  Every 3 minutes. From then until Dottie arrived.  Each one a little bit stronger than the last.

So about 30 minutes after my first “period cramp” they were strong enough that I told Dustin I couldn’t focus on the movie and wanted to try and sleep.  That’s the biggest tip you will get regarding labor.  Sleep between contractions.  And if you can then great.  You will need that energy towards the end.  But if you happen to be one of the lucky ones like me, the back labor will be so intense that any sort of laying position will make you feel like you are dying.  Okay, slight exaggeration.  Not dying just stuck in an eternal pain of red hot pokers pushing so hard on your back you think it might break.  Yep, thats pretty accurate.


My first contraction started at 10:30 pm on my due date.  I didn’t sleep until after she was born.  I almost feel like being awake for it all helped my brain accept what was happening and helped my body progress faster.  Around 11:30 we called the midwife.  She had told me the contractions would probably slow down and be more like 5-10 minutes apart but after an hour or so they were still 3 minutes apart.  And getting stronger.  So she decided to come over and sleep on the couch so she could monitor the baby just in case I was causing too much stress on him/her.




I told Dustin to get some rest too so he and the midwife fell fast asleep.  Not together though, that would be weird. ha. I crack myself up.  What a dork.  I spent the next few hours trying to be fairly quiet pacing the house, sitting on my exercise ball leaning against the bed, and rocking.  A lot of rocking.  I made Dustin wake up at some point and he started massaging my lower back in between contractions.  I’m not sure if the actual massage helped relieve the pain, or just knowing that my man was right there by my side.  Thank you Lord for such an amazing man to hold my hand.  For any woman who has been through childbirth alone, you are more precious than rubies and far stronger than you will ever know.

About 4 am ( I think) I started puking my guts up which woke up the midwife.  She seemed happy in her own twisted midwife sort of way that I was puking.  I don’t think she was expecting me to have made any progress and the fact that I was completely emptying  out my tomach was a good sign.

Oh boy this is long and drawn out. Sorry for so many details that really aren’t all that important.  But for me they are precious and I want to remember it all.  So bare with me.  One more post and hopefully I can wrap this up!

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  • Reply DJ Howard May 29, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    You guys probably don’t remember me from church. I always thought you two were the cutest couple. I loved reading your story about the birth of Dottie. She will cherish it when she is older. Congratulations to you both and she is so precious, truly a gift from God!!

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