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Cherry Time

Dustin and I try to eat seasonal the best we can.  Along with that we try to provide and source as much food as we can ourselves.  (Last year I killed a deer! Sorry PETA.)

We don’t have any cherry trees at our house… Yet.  But my uncle does and he wasn’t in town this year during their fruiting season so he offered them to my parents.  Well even though I couldn’t go with them to pick them, I called dibs on whatever they didn’t want.  I’m a mooch, what can I say.

stewart_settlement_Cherry_Time-6So we had freshly picked local cherries.  It sounds like a dream but to be honest… It wasn’t. Here’s the deal.  Just because we had them available to us does not mean they are delicious.  No they weren’t the bing cherries you get ini the store.  These guys are small and tart.

stewart_settlement_Cherry_Time-1But on top of that, this year they were pretty much flavorless. You win some, you lose some.  But I didn’t want to let them go to waste and since they had only been picked for about 24 hours and no one was eating them and half of them had already went bad. I decided to put them up.  I spent a large part of an afternoon pitting tiny little cherries and freezing them for smoothies.  I think the tartness of them will be good mixed in a smoothie.

If I do this again next year I will probably have to get a pitter utensil.  That was time consuming! Sheesh! And at the end of it all I wound up with only one very full quart size bag.  Womp womp woooomp. But alas, there are now local farm-to-table…er.. farm-to-freezer cherries AND strawberries in this house.

And Miss Dottie Bea loves her smoothies.  Its such a good feeling to know where all the fruit goodness comes from before I give it to her.  Someday soon I’ll even make her pick it herself.

I’m a slave driver.  A mooch and a slave driver.  But that’s okay by me.


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