A Wedding Photo Shoot

We had a little photo shoot for the wedding venue to get some images for all of our marketing.  And while this post is to show you all of the pretty pictures of a wedding ceremony and reception the story behind it is so close to my heart.

Do you see all the pretty flowers and decor?  They were curated by a dear friend who has a passion for not just wedding planning, but marriage planning and support for a bride and groom to keep them on track to their ultimate goal of not just getting married, but becoming one and living a full and abundant life together, focused on God and each other with selfishness aside.

And the beautiful images?  They were taken by a photographer who wants to serve her clients and restore the sentimental, the intentional, and a more heartfelt approach to an industry that has become more about a business transaction.

The gorgeous flower arrangements? Designed by a florist doing her part to see the Springfield community thrive and grow and exceed its potential.

And last but most certainly not least, the jaw dropping couple in the photos… Words can’t express my gratitude for these people. Partly because they are my family and I am biased, but mostly because they have shown a selfless love to me that I will never deserve or reciprocate.  When life got rocky, they were there.  Ready to take action, get dirty, lend a hand, or just be an open ear.  And when life is good, they have shown so much love and support to motivate Dustin and I to pursue all this craziness.

But with their love for me aside, they love and serve each other.  Getting to watch their love story unfold these last seven (eight?six?) years has been so good for my soul.  Never have I witnessed two people mesh so perfectly into one and yet, remain true to themselves and not get lost in the relationship.  It was an honor to have them model for the Co-Op venue and for them to be an example of love that we hope our clients will have.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful eye candy.  I can’t wait to show you more of the Co-Op wedding venue.

Photos by Mela-Photo

Flowers by He Loves Me Flowers

Design by Celia Duncan

Modeling by Logan & Josh Williams

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