A mother of two

If you have multiple kids then you’ve been there, felt that, and you can just shake your head at me and say “silly girl, you will get it soon”.

What I’m talking about is sharing.  Sharing my heart, my time, my physical, mental, and emotional strength with multiple children.  With everything that we have going on right now I really haven’t focused much on the fact that very soon, all of the “hard parts” of mother hood will be doubled.  But with that, I also haven’t thought at all about how all of the amazing parts will be doubled.

I am so excited to see what’s in store for our family and to meet the newest member.  I am excited for Dottie to meet her little sibling and interact with him/her.  Gosh, so much excitement! What will the baby look like?  Will it be a girl or boy? Will it have the same personality as Dottie? Will it sleep through the night? Will Dottie show interest in the baby? Gah!!! I am so excited!!!

But to be honest, being 36 weeks pregnant and having a toddler that is going through a bad sleep/nap phase is exhausting and constantly lugging her around ain’t easy folks.  So the thoughts that are constantly popping up in my mind are “how will I do this with two of them!”  “I won’t get anything accomplished ever again”.

DustinLacyDottieMaternity2016_024But you know what? I will.  I will learn how to do life with two littles.  As intimidating as it seems, I will figure it out.  My physical strength will come back and I won’t be hindered by a giant bowling ball inside my stomach.  And I will love my life with two littles.  And I can’t wait for it.

So I am writing this to remind myself to dwell on the excitement, not the doubt.  To relish in these last few days that I have with my only child.  To slow down (even though sooooo many things are happening right now).  I want to remember my time alone with my Dottie girl.  I want to snuggle her as close as this big ole belly will allow for the next few weeks.  I want to be completely engaged with her when we play.  I want to put my phone away and focus on our time together.  I want to watch her from across the room and just beam with pride.  Because even though I am having a baby, she is and forever will be my baby.  And I am so grateful to her for letting me be her mom.

DustinLacyDottieMaternity2016_049All photos by the amazing Katiedayphoto.com

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