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A Festive Festival Weekend

Sheeewww-eee!!! Another Independence day has come and gone and boy oh boy am I pooped.  I know holidays are pretty hectic for most people but when it comes to the Fourth of July, well, my family really takes the cake.  Err, pie.  Lots and lots of pie.

Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-23Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-27My pa started a bluegrass festival 30 years ago and it is always the first weekend in July.  You may or may not have heard of it.  It’s called Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival.  And it is awesome.

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It is truly a family affair.  My pa runs the show.  Granny runs the pie shack.  Uncle and aunt run the food huts.  My mom, my sisters, and me sell merchandise, and all the cousins and other family members work the entrance gate with tickets and camp site.  (And boy do they have a tough job).  Whether they live local or not the family comes together to help work and put it on.  It’s really quite beautiful how everyone takes off work and rearranges schedules just to be there, help out, eat pie, and support the family.Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-30
Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-20I just realized I don’t have any pictures of the actual music.  Welp, that’s not surprising.  I’m no photographer.

Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-16So those pies I spoke of a couple times are all handmade throughout the year by my amazing granny and her friend.  They freeze them and then bake them on site. Warm, fresh, homemade gooseberry pie with icecream.  There are no emojis to describe what I feel when typing that sentence.  Seriously, her pie is filled with fairy dust or something.  Even if you don’t like bluegrass I still think it would be worth a trek for you to go for the pie.Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-18This year Dottie and her BFF cousin Nora were looking soooo adorable so they had a little photo shoot with their coordinated Aunt Haley. These two are so cute.  They even have their own hashtag. FYI it’s #Dottieandnora. I hope you enjoy this half as much as I do.  But beware.  The cuteness may kill you.

Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-2(gah! I love my family.  I mean… look at my adorable niece Nora!!! That face.  She kills me.)

Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-4Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-7Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-10Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-14(Is this disrespectful to our country? Oh who cares it’s so worth the cuteness.)


Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-6Stewart_Settlement_Starvy_Creek-3And now I’m dead.

We were basically not home for three days during the festival and with the monsoon season the midwest is having lately I got pretty behind on my gardening.  Which reminds me, what am I doing writing this… I gotta get outside!  Weeds are callin’.

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  • Reply grammy July 9, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Those are the cutest little girls ever! Grammy sends kisses to both! Please remind me next year so I can come sell some pies for the big o’ Day family too!

    • Reply dottiesmom July 10, 2015 at 12:43 pm

      Be careful what you wish for grammy!!! 😉

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