About Me

Hi I’m Lacy! This is my little hobby for recording the happenings in my life and on my little piece of God’s country.  My husband and I are trying to get “back to the way it was” any practical way that we can.  Learning and growing along the way.  As we all are.

There will be a lot of recording about our animals, our garden, our land, and our family.  We are still pretty green in all of our endeavors so if you have any advice along the way please share it!

As a short life history lesson, Dustin and I met at church camp as kids.  Yep, that’s us. The cheesy church camp romance.  We got married in our early 20’s and meandered around the suburbs of St. Louis trying to find our purpose in life.

I worked on an organic farm one summer and it changed my life forever.  The following year we traded in our city life to move back near my family in southwest Missouri and work our tails off until we could save up enough to get our own land.

We finally found the old farm house of our dreams to start building our life on.  And shortly after settling in and planting roots the house was struck by lightening and burned down.  We were lost again.

That season of life taught us such amazing lessons from God and in family and community.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything.  We now have a 50 acre hobby farm that we can call our own.

We are trying our hand at a little bit of everything including gardening, chickens, turkeys, quail, dairy goats, meat sheep, and pastured pigs.  We would love for you to follow along on this crazy journey.

Here’s some things you should know about me…

I love the Lord, my husband, my kids, my family, dirt under my finger nails, black coffee, whiskey – neat, and using too many exclamation points!